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Safi Studio is an Interactive Agency that was founded in 2008. We do our best to make our projects of highest quality; based on the latest web technologies, innovative and unique. Our company features an individual approach towards customers and comprehensive service of each project. We do know how important the quality of services provided is, therefore in Safi Studio all customers are treated individually with meticulous care to their needs and requirements. Moreover, we pick our team and business partners carefully in order to be sure that each project created by us will be one of the best available on the Net. Today, we may say sincerely that we are a world-class Interactive Agency.

We are Safi Studio - Dovelopment house

Through the years, we have made a lot of projects that became successful on the Net. Safi Studio is a group of satisfied customers thanks to a few key elements:

  • We create websites
    with passion
  • Websites are
    coded flawlessly
  • We use latest
  • Our creativity
    is endless

What do we do?

In Safi Studio we provide a wide range of services. Thanks to our business partners, we are able to service more complex projects, namely not only www pages but also tv spots or advertising prints. Our agency is the best in providing the following services:

  • WWW pages
  • CRM systems
  • Mobile Apps
  • Outsourcing
See projects made

During the years we have made over a hundred projects which are successful on the Net. There were both small websites and one of the largest thematic portals in Poland. There is one project we are proud of the most - it is an e-learning platform for Soudal company that was created for needs to all departments in Europe.

We use latest technologies in our works. We are nearly the only ones who make code review in the event of each, even the smallest project. Our services feature creative approach, high UX, graphics consistent with the latest trends and quality that you will not find anywhere else.

By ordering services in Safi Studio you may be sure that we will take care of your project comprehensively. The team we have is able to fulfill all requirements. Each line of code is created with passion to programming that confirm the group of satisfied customers.

We've worked i.a. for:

  • Soudal
  • Macmillan
  • Platforma Obywatelska
  • Nowa Era
  • Simpson Strong Tie
  • Weranda Country
  • Weranda
  • Wróżka
  • Astromagia



Soudal Partner Club

An application of Soudal partnership program

Donald Reporter

Donald Duck Reporter

Help while preparing an application for learning touch typing

ZuZu Toys

ZuZu Toys

Creating an on-line shop based on prestashop

Polubisz remont

You will like redecoration

Blog realized for Soudal Sp. z o.o. order

Lepsze Życie Polaków

Better Lives of Polish people

A website presenting investments in Poland


Macmillan Polska

Creating a website and an on-line shop

Weranda Country

Weranda Country

A website based on Joomla! CMS system

Wędliny z Dębiny

Ham from Debina

A website of the traditional butcher shop and advertising prints

Simpson Stron Tie

Simpson Strong Tie

A website for a leading company in producing connectors to wood


Soudal Sp. z o.o.

Creating many websites and CRM applications

Serwis Zamówień Nowa Era

Nowa Era ordering service

A system for books' on-line ordering



A portal made for TE-JOT publishing company

KDR dla szkół

KDR for schools

An application gathering data of schools interested in KDR program


E-debt collector

An on-line debt collecting system

Genius Gun

Genius Gun

Advertising websites of Genius Gun applicator

Roma rolety

Roma Shades

A website of a company producing shades

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